Faith Family,


I want to thank you for your prayers and the encouragement you are giving to each other in this season of our Nation's life. I am hearing how your faith is pointing people to Jesus and your love toward those around you is inspiring others. We truly need to be connected with our faith family more than ever and we must continue to persevere in our faith, as we journey the challenging road before us.  


As you have heard, all across the state of Arkansas there is a request to practice "social distancing" - this is a recommendation for people not to gather in groups of more than 10. These restrictions are in place to help stop the CV-19 virus from spreading to others. We urge everyone to follow these recommendations from the CDC until these restrictions are lifted. 


Eagle Heights, we will be practicing social distancing over the next 3 weeks, until April 6th. With the desire to still connect weekly, we are launching - MEET @ EAGLE ONLINE. This way we will be sharing together from our home on Sundays.  


Here is what MEET @ EAGLE ONLINE looks like:


      • We will connect online for the next 3 Sunday’s @ 10:30 AM. You can access the

        link on our website, or through Facebook as you search

        for @eagleheightsbaptistchurch. 


      • I will be teaching through the series entitled, Encountering God, and our Campus

        Pastor will be joining our Modern Team for Worship. 


      • There will be other staff and directors joining you online for some interaction as we stay connected. 


      • Our Children, Middle school, and Youth directors will have weekly Resources available for the

        whole family (ages preschool to youth) to keep them connected and encouraged.



 It is our desire that we stay connected throughout this season of our lives: 


         - To begin a life in Jesus or to know how much He loves you, text knowhim to 555888 or call the

           office at 870-741-5148. 


         - To let us know what is happening in your life and ways we can pray for you, 

            text need2talk to 555888 or email us at 


         - To join a connect group and stay connected, text ehbclife to 555888 or call the office

           at 870-741-5148. 


 We all realize that ministry only happens by the faithful and generous givers of our faith family.

Therefore, we are making every opportunity to ensure your obedience to Jesus, in the area of giving, is still available. We have 6 ways for you to stay connected through giving during these 3weeks.


          -       Text giving to 

          -       Online giving @ 

          -       Mail in your gift @ P.O. Box 865 Harrison, Ar 72602 

          -       You can bring your tithe to the office M-TH (9:30-4:30) 

          -       Call 800-675-7430 for a confidential way to give 

          -       Our deacons, staff and directors will be available to transport your gift to the office by

                  calling 870-741-5148. 



We would encourage you to connect weekly for a MEET @ EAGLE ONLINE watch party in your home, with 10 or less people. This is a great way to invite your neighbors, friends and faith family for Sunday Service. If you are unable to access our online format or have trouble figuring it out, please call the office at 870-741-5148. We will also have DVD’s available with the recent sermon series message at the office. If you would like a copy, please call 870-741-5148 and request one. 



For the short duration of these next 3 weeks, all activities and campus life are put on pause. We encourage everyone follow this pause at this time. The following items are included concerning social distancing. 



-  The walking track in the FLC is closed for the next 3 weeks 


-  All meetings and groups are not to meet on campus, no matter if the size is 10 or less. 


-  All ministry activities are on pause until April 6th


-  If in doubt, call the office and we will assist you in making a meeting decision. 



No matter the season of life we find ourselves in, we know that God is in control. No matter the trying times before us, God wants to use us! We praise our God for being with us during these challenging times. We are the Spirit filled body of Christ and He is every present with you right now! Amber and I are praying for you as we seek the kingdom of God first. If I can serve you in anyway, please let me know by calling 870-741 -5148 or email @ 



In the love of Christ, 



Lead Pastor Kenny