Life Group Departments

Children’s Department

Interim Director:  Julia Chaffin


Jeanne Reed—Bed Babies

Tonya Roberson—Toddler

Mary Carson — Twos

Carleen Powers —Threes & Fours

Doug and Karen Chaffin—Kindergarten

Kanon and Kayla Tougaw—1st and 2nd Grade

Kim Armstrong—3rd and 4th Grade

Genesis Middle School Department

Director:  Joey Phillips


Scott and Saprina Green-5th Grade

James and Somer Lookingbill—6th Grade

Junior and Senior High School Department

Director:  Shane Gilliam


Todd Magness—7th through 9th Grade

Josh Cook—10th through 12th Grade Boys

Heather Cook—7th and 8th Grade Girls

Kelli Magness—9th through 12th Grade Girls

Adult I Department

Director: Chris Brown


Bo and Robin Phillips—365 Ministries (18-23)

Chris Brown / Kevin Dunlap—W.O.W. Class (Couples 24-36)

Joey Burkeen—Fusion (Couples 24-39)

Barry Werner—Adult Class (Couples 56-65)

Wayne Cone—Explorers Class (Couples 48-55)

Vickie Green—Mary Class (Women 36-49)

Adult II Department  

Director: Glenn Crenshaw


Norma Pollock—Elizabeth Class (Women 50-70)

Ray Melton—Timothy Class (Men 50-70)

Glenn Crenshaw—Joy Class (Couples 71 +)

Glynna Mallard—Dorcas Class (Women 71 +)

Nicky Blevins—Mens Class (Men 71 +)