Life Group Departments

Children’s Department

Director:  Shirley Cantrell


Connie Gardner—Bed Babies

Jeanne Reed—Toddler and Twos

Kelly Brown—Threes

Carleen Powers—Fours

Doug and Karen Chaffin—Kindergarten

Matt and Amanda Green—1st and 2nd Grade

Marcus and Kristy Orrell—3rd and 4th Grade

Genesis Middle School Department

Director:  Joey Phillips


Scott and Saprina Green-5th Grade

James and Somer Lookingbill—6th Grade

Junior and Senior High School Department

Director:  Scott DeHart


Todd Magness—7th through 9th Grade

Josh Cook—10th through 12th Grade Boys

Heather Cook—7th and 8th Grade Girls

Kelli Magness—9th through 12th Grade Girls

Adult I Department

Director: Chris Brown


Bo and Robin Phillips—365 Ministries (18-23)

Chris Brown / Kevin Dunlap—W.O.W. Class (Couples 24-36)

Joey Burkeen—Fusion (Couples 24-39)

Barry Werner—Adult Class (Couples 56-65)

Wayne Cone—Explorers Class (Couples 48-55)

Vickie Green—Mary Class (Women 36-49)

Adult II Department  

Director: Glenn Crenshaw


Norma Pollock—Elizabeth Class (Women 50-70)

Ray Melton—Timothy Class (Men 50-70)

Glenn Crenshaw—Joy Class (Couples 71 +)

Glynna Mallard—Dorcas Class (Women 71 +)

Billie Blevins—Mens Class (Men 71 +)